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About Us

Our Mission

Empathy for Animals is a 501(c)(3) non-profit animal rescue who aims to reduce suffering, protect and provide a better quality of life for abused, abandoned and neglected animals. We are a small, yet dedicated no-kill foster-based rescue located in Cortland, Ohio providing animals refuge while receiving necessary veterinary care and finding them responsible, loving, adoptive families. 

Our Mission

Meet The Team


Founder & President



Meet Sasha, the mama who started it all!

If it weren’t for Sasha showing up with her kittens in Alyssa’s parents’ backyard a couple years ago this team may have never come together. 

Before Sasha came along, Alyssa was primarily involved in volunteering & fostering rescue dogs and cats were a foreign species to her. Needless to say, her heart knew she had to do something when she found out Sasha was nursing her 5 kittens outside so she took them on as her very first fosters! It turned out that Sasha was feral and unsocialized to humans prior to coming into foster. The plan was to TNR (trap, neuter & release) her after her kittens were weaned, vetted and adopted due to being feral but Alyssa noticed after being inside for 2 months nursing she became very comfortable with indoor life regardless of being afraid of humans. Alyssa decided to stay course and slowly work with Sasha and see if she had potential to eventually come around. 6 months later, Sasha not only let Alyssa pet her but grew to love her and was loyal to her. She was not only Alyssa’s very first foster, but very first cat of her own and will always be such a special part of her journey as Sasha paved the way for hundreds more homeless cats to be rescued and adopted into loving homes. 

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