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Jake Szolis


Empathy For Animals' Secretary, Jake Szolis is originally from Pittsburgh, PA where he graduated from Duquesne University receiving his Bachelor's Degree in Healthcare Supply Chain Management with a minor in Psychology. 


Jake's initial passion for animals began as a child with a wonder for snakes, apes, and nature and continued on in the fond memories of visiting the local dog pound with his family.  However, it wasn't until linking up with Alyssa, that his awareness grew, and he realized that he too could have a positive impact in homeless animals' lives. Since then, he has been committed to helping save the lives of those in greatest need. He receives much enjoyment from foster cat slow blinks, head butts, motoring purrs, and fluffy biscuits, yet the greatest joy in rescue and what ignites him to keep at it is always the transformation from when they come into rescue care, to the incredible blossoming state as they head to their forever homes.

Jake is a free-spirited yogi who is passionate about mixed martial arts, music, nature, and living a vegan lifestyle. He seeks continuous improvement in the mental, physical, and spiritual realms fueled by a mantra of peace, love, and positivity.

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